Pins & Needles by Brainchild Events

Carter’s ambitions continue to grow as his covey of clients multiplies. The company’s goals are to continue to educate its audiences through social media, public relations, events and specialty programs about designers and emerging artists. In addition, Carter plans to involve Brainchild Events in more charity soirees and working with regional universities’ and high schools’ fashion programs.

2017 emerging six......

The 2017 designers are:

  • Carl Mackey (Chicago, IL)

  • Amanda Casarez (Stafford, VA)

  • Raven B. Pulliam (Springfield, IL)

  • Marcel Coleman Jr. (St. Louis, MO)

  • Kat Gaume (Nashville,TN)

  • Hailey Washington (Chicago, IL)

2016 peoples choice  and grand prize winners......

Morgan Mason is a 23-year-old from St. Louis, Missouri. She is graduating in 2016 with her BFA in Fashion Design. Morgan has participated in Missouri Style Week’s art to wear competition, as well as the winner of 2015’s Garbage Bag Gala recycled materials competition. She currently  does free lance work for dance studios as well as personal inquiries. (Peoples Choice Winner)



Wiki Wang is presently in her final term at Lindenwood University in St. Charles and will receive her BA in Fashion Design in May. As a fashion   designer, Wang's focus is on designing innovative, stylish, trend setting fashion for real women in the real world that incorporates a mix of luxuriously soft and comfortable fabrics. (Grand Prize Winner)

Instagram: wikiwang28

This year its your turn!

       Remember to come back to our page for updates on each designer as we will be following up with interviews with our designers and updating   you on our progress leading up to the show on August 11, 2017.